Some time ago, I attended a PK Party event at Learning Light Foundation presented by Jack Houck.  Actually, I’ve gone to two of these.  My spouse and my son went with me to the second one in November of 2006.

PK stands for psychokinesis, or mind over matter. At these parties, we were bending spoons and forks.

To begin, Jack Houck gave a lecture on what we would be doing. Then a large box of spoons and forks was turned out in the middle of the floor. To be sure, they weren’t particularly substantial utensils, but they were firm enough to be difficult to bend without following the process.

Bent Spoon

We were told to choose a utensil that was willing to bend for us, meaning that we used intuitive sense to choose it. Then we were to hold it by the handle in one hand while we gently rubbed the utensil at the neck. While rubbing the utensil, we were to use intention to send energy into the neck of the utensil. Soon enough, the utensil became soft and easily malleable. In fact, the utensils became so soft in my hands that I was spinning the head of the utensils around the neck like taffy. I mean, it was crazy easy to bend those utensils! It was truly impressive. I have one of these utensils, shown in the photo here, that I keep by my computer monitor to remind me how powerful my mind can be.

I wish I had a video of it; but I’m not even sure that I had a cell phone back then, let alone one that could record video. I did find this video showing someone doing a similar thing.

OK, so it took longer for me to soften up my utensils like that; but once they were softened, it really was that easy to bend them. This is NOT an illusion or stage trick. There is something really happening to make the utensils that malleable.

Meanwhile, at the party, I looked over at my spouse, and he was trying to brute-force his utensil. It was clear that he did not understand how to direct the energy into it. For him, the utensils remained strong. I will admit that it was kind of funny to watch, and I felt rather smug; but most of the people at the party were able to bend their utensils easily enough.

There was one other thing we did at this party that was rather interesting. We sprouted beans. Jack Houck brought in beans that had soaked overnight. We took the beans, held them in our hands, and willed them to sprout. And they actually did!

The ability to bend spoons or sprout beans is far more than a party trick. Playing at such activities helps to build skills that can be applied to healing work such as Reiki, Theta Healing, or Shamanism.

At the end of the party, Jack Houck asked us all to hold up a spoon and see if we could make it bend without otherwise manipulating it. One person in the room actually did manage to get her spoon to fall over. She did not, however, attempt to restore her spoon to its original straight status.

Here is a video of one of Jack Houck’s PK parties.

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