kinestheticbodyI’ve been playing Journey to Wild Divine and having a great time at it.  This game uses biofeedback as part of its control system.  One of the exercises within the game is done without the sensors, but it seems to have its own feedback.

The exercise starts out simply enough.  The player is asked to raise and then lower his arm a few times, paying attention to the sensations of the movement.  Then it starts getting interesting: the player is asked to raise and lower his “kinesthetic” arm, recreating the sensations of moving the physical arm.  (What the game called “kinesthetic,” I would call “etheric” or “astral.”)  So I moved my “kinesthetic” arm and was able to have some sensation of doing so.  The player is then asked to do the same with the other arm.  When that is done, to do the same with both arms.  Then the player is told to raise the physical arms while leaving the “kinesthetic” arms by one’s side.  Then the player is told to move the physical arms down while raising the “kinesthetic” arms and to continue moving the arms in opposition like this.  The game’s instructor says that one might feel the arms crossing each other as they move.  I must say, I was rather excited to discover that I did indeed feel a sense of increased electricity as the arms crossed paths.

While the game does not expressly say so, I would think that moving the “kinesthetic” body independently of the physical body like this is the beginning of an out-of-body experience, astral projection, or remote viewing.