lovebirdIt’s been many years ago now, before 2000, but once upon a time, I kept lovebirds.  It began with one, and then I decided that it needed a buddy.  It turned out that the two were male and female, and they became a mated pair.
Soon, from them, I had another mated pair.  I kept all four in a large cage, and they all got along fine.

Then one day, the older female passed away.  That left her mate with the other pair.  It did not take long before the pair became aggressive against the lone male.  It became clear that he would have to be removed from the large cage.  I had a smaller cage that I used to transport the birds, in the rare instance that became necessary.  It really was rather small to live in, and I knew the lone male would need a bigger cage.

One morning, I woke up feeling inspired to get the cage that day.  It was as if I was impelled by Spirit to do so.  With an unusual sense of confidence and purpose, I walked up to lone male’s cage and announced to him that I would be buying a cage that day.  I described to him the size of the cage and how much I would pay for it.  There was a very definite energy of certainty about the way I did so.

I went to a few different stores in town.  The price of the cages in the first two stores was more than I intended to pay.  In the third store, I browsed around.  I looked at the cages in the main display area, but they were not quite what I wanted.

Then I looked up into the top stock and noticed a cage way up above the shelving.  I asked the storekeeper how much it was.  He was actually surprised to see it there.  It had no price on it.  He thought for a moment, and then offered it at the price I had declared that morning.  As I looked at the cage, I saw that it matched the description I had announced to the bird that morning.  Then I saw that it was missing a perch!  I quickly realized that I had neglected to include the perch as I described the cage that morning.  Oops!  The shopkeeper found a perch for a small additional price, and I bought the cage.

So why do I tell this story?  It is an example of manifesting.  It is important for me to emphasize that I was feeling an unusual surety that day.  It was not simply thinking that I should get a cage.  I had been doing that already for a couple of weeks.  But this day, I felt impelled by Spirit.  It’s as if something clicked into place like a switch in some gear-driven mechanical device.

Hurricane FloydI held this story back for a long time because I did not want it to seem that I was bragging. But now, it seems to me that stories like this are needed. Big changes are needed on this planet right now, and this is a story of doing something big.

I had the experience in 1999 of working with a hurricane in a meditative shamanic way.  While I may have been doing what I was doing all by myself, I was not the only person working on this storm. I do not make any claim to be sole cause of any effects.

It was Hurricane Floyd, and it was heading for Miami at the time this story begins. Not only was the storm packing winds of near Category 5 force, but it was also a tremendously huge storm packing lots of rain.

As this story begins, I was chatting on the computer at the time with someone in Miami. He was telling about how the hurricane was closing in on them there. There was great concern due to the size and strength of this storm. I pulled up the tracking and prediction information for Hurricane Floyd and realized just how dire the situation was. Florida is little more than an oversized sand bar. Most of the state is flat and barely above sea level. Between the high winds, the torrential rain, and the storm-driven waves of the ocean, the potential destruction facing Florida that night was catastrophic.

I had learned in childhood the story of Jesus calming the storm and the sea. (Mark 4:35-41)  I also knew that Jesus had told us that we would be able to do what he had done and even greater.  (John 14:12)  By this time in 1999, I was also taking classes at the Learning Light Foundation and studying A Course In Miracles.  I decided to see what could be done about Hurricane Floyd.

I thought about how I could work on the storm. My faith was not such that I could believe that I could suddenly stop a storm in its tracks.  I figured that it would be best and most believable to me to work with the natural laws.  As I thought about it, it seemed that the most natural thing would be for the storm to slow and turn. That was the strategy that I decided to pursue in my work on the storm.

I went into meditation and called upon the angels to help me with this project.  I looked at the weather maps and imagined a shift in the jet stream that might push Hurricane Floyd away from the coast. I visualized the slowing of the spin of the storm, and I commanded the angels to slow the hurricane and turn it north.  I imagined and visualized in my mind a new path for the hurricane that would keep it from making landfall at its full force. I spent quite some time at this task.  I recall still being there working on the storm by the time that the eye of the hurricane was as far north as Cape Canaveral.

Try as I might, I could not imagine a path in which the hurricane entirely missed the coast, but I was able to imagine a path that would have Hurricane Floyd making landfall well up the coast at a much reduced strength.  This is exactly as it came to be. Hurricane Floyd made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 2 storm, exactly where I visualized that it would. Hurricane Floyd was still a very destructive storm there, but the destruction was much less than it might have been in Florida.

I checked in with other light workers I knew to see if anyone else had been working with the hurricane.  It turned out that I was able to find a few others who had done so.  I told them about my experience of visualizing the path of the hurricane.  They told me that they had been using similar methods with the hurricane and had pretty much the same experience with it as well.  They could not get the hurricane to entirely avoid hitting land, either.  The place where we all imagined it hitting land was where it actually did so.

d73f9907e3fdc84cdf96bfe791463bc76083b46b_mI have an odd little story that goes way back to the early 1980s.  It is yet another one of those mundane little stories in which something out of the ordinary occurs which to this day defies explanation.

Back then, I had a Volvo 1800E.  It was a rather unusual sports coupe, especially in Utah Valley where I was living at the time.  The area was dominated by a steel factory, and so the local residents had a strong preference for American cars.

Somehow, the tail light lens got broken.  In a futile attempt to save money on a replacement, I decided to look for a replacement at the local junk yards.  I sort of knew this would be a long shot, given the relatively low population of the valley and the rarity of the car, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I had just come out from the office of one of the junk yards.  I had opened the car door and was tossing the broken tail light lens onto the floor of the back seat when I experience some kind of “blip” in consciousness, and then the broken tail light lens was gone.  I looked throughout the car, under it, and I even went back into the junk yard office to ask if I might have left the tail light lens there.  The tail light lens was nowhere to be found.  As I backed out of my parking space, I also looked where I had been to see if I might have missed it when looking under the car.  That tail light lens was never seen again.  That event has ever since then been a source of wonder for me.

Some years later, I attended classes at the Learning Light Foundation.  This facility was also the site for a MUFON group.  Consequently, several of the other students I attended class with also attended the MUFON meetings.  Through them and other reading material, I learned some of the hallmarks of an alien experience, one of which is the type of blip in consciousness that I had experienced that day in Utah while visiting junk yards.

A couple of years ago, I did a past life regression session with someone who had been trained by Dolores Cannon.  In her methodology, after the past lives have been explored, the subconscious [more properly the “superconscious”] is called in.  The hypnotist then asks questions that have been prepared by the client.  I asked about the incident with the tail light lens.

It was confirmed that it was an ET-related event, but I was not allowed to learn any of the details of it.  Apparently, during the course of that event, the tail light lens was misplaced and did not make it back with me to the point of origin of the event.  An apology was given in the session for the missing tail light lens.

Something like this defies proof.  I will never know for sure exactly what happened to the tail light lens—or to me, for that matter—at least not during this lifetime.  For now, information gathered in the regression session will have to suffice as an explanation.

gare-raincy-sans-arretWhen talking about manifesting realities, there’s a story I like to tell that I call “Sans Arrêt.”  It is a true story about a seemingly mundane experience that none the less has Twilight Zone qualities.

My husband and I were traveling in France.  We were taking the TGV from Paris to Rennes so that we could go to Mont St. Michel.  On the departure board, the line for our booking said,

“Paris – Sans Arrêt – Rennes.”

My husband, who knows some French, too, pointed this out and said, “Oh, look!  We’re going to stop in Sans Arrêt!”  I knew that he knew that “sans arrêt” means “non-stop.”

I was already aware of the concept of manifesting.  I turned to him and said, “Don’t say that!  We might actually stop in Sans Arrêt!”  I gave him a brief lecture in being careful with one’s words.

We boarded the train, and wouldn’t you know it, in the middle of the trip, the train stopped out in the middle of nowhere in some field with no station or platform anywhere in sight.  I was thinking, “There is no station here.  This is not a stop.  This really is stopping at Sans Arrêt, if ever such a thing could happen.”

As for why we stopped, it turned out that there had been a fire alongside the tracks, and the train had to stop until it could be put out.

I mention this story to emphasize the need to be scrupulous with one’s word.  In this society, we have a tendency to say careless things that, if they actually came true, would very much NOT be things we would want to happen.  The most extreme of these occur when someone exclaims in frustration that they could kill someone or that something is killing them.  Do they really mean that?  Absolutely not, and yet there it is in their words.

As the vibration of the planet continues to increase, the speed and accuracy of manifestation is also increasing.  For that reason, it is imperative that we not speak or think carelessly.  This includes the way we joke with each other.

“There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form at some level.”
A Course in Miracles, T-2.VI.9.

Some time ago, I attended a PK Party event at Learning Light Foundation presented by Jack Houck.  Actually, I’ve gone to two of these.  My spouse and my son went with me to the second one in November of 2006.

PK stands for psychokinesis, or mind over matter. At these parties, we were bending spoons and forks.

To begin, Jack Houck gave a lecture on what we would be doing. Then a large box of spoons and forks was turned out in the middle of the floor. To be sure, they weren’t particularly substantial utensils, but they were firm enough to be difficult to bend without following the process.

Bent Spoon

We were told to choose a utensil that was willing to bend for us, meaning that we used intuitive sense to choose it. Then we were to hold it by the handle in one hand while we gently rubbed the utensil at the neck. While rubbing the utensil, we were to use intention to send energy into the neck of the utensil. Soon enough, the utensil became soft and easily malleable. In fact, the utensils became so soft in my hands that I was spinning the head of the utensils around the neck like taffy. I mean, it was crazy easy to bend those utensils! It was truly impressive. I have one of these utensils, shown in the photo here, that I keep by my computer monitor to remind me how powerful my mind can be.

I wish I had a video of it; but I’m not even sure that I had a cell phone back then, let alone one that could record video. I did find this video showing someone doing a similar thing.

OK, so it took longer for me to soften up my utensils like that; but once they were softened, it really was that easy to bend them. This is NOT an illusion or stage trick. There is something really happening to make the utensils that malleable.

Meanwhile, at the party, I looked over at my spouse, and he was trying to brute-force his utensil. It was clear that he did not understand how to direct the energy into it. For him, the utensils remained strong. I will admit that it was kind of funny to watch, and I felt rather smug; but most of the people at the party were able to bend their utensils easily enough.

There was one other thing we did at this party that was rather interesting. We sprouted beans. Jack Houck brought in beans that had soaked overnight. We took the beans, held them in our hands, and willed them to sprout. And they actually did!

The ability to bend spoons or sprout beans is far more than a party trick. Playing at such activities helps to build skills that can be applied to healing work such as Reiki, Theta Healing, or Shamanism.

At the end of the party, Jack Houck asked us all to hold up a spoon and see if we could make it bend without otherwise manipulating it. One person in the room actually did manage to get her spoon to fall over. She did not, however, attempt to restore her spoon to its original straight status.

Here is a video of one of Jack Houck’s PK parties.

tv-channelsThe traditional view is that there is only one reality, and the consensus demands that you live in that reality.  When was the last time you were told to “face reality”?  As I learn and experience more, I am coming to believe that reality may well be multidimensional.  The best analogy for what I mean by this would be television.

When you watch television, you can usually see only one channel at a time.  That channel shows its set programming.  Meanwhile, on other channels, there are entirely different programs being shown.  What you perceive as television is entirely dependent on what channels you choose to watch.  In terms of technology, the separation of channels is accomplished by broadcasting each channel in a different frequency range.  Relating this to reality is not such a foreign concept as it might first appear.  It is an established scientific fact that human beings are able to sense within a very small band of the available electromagnetic spectrum.  How are we to know, really, what is going on in other frequency ranges?

Physicists have often toyed with the idea of parallel universes.  One way to accomplish the reality of parallel universes might be the case where each universe exists in a different frequency in much the same way as different television channels exist on different frequencies.  This results in a situation in which many different realities may well exist in the same point in space.  Timestream jumping may be the act of somehow moving from one frequency to another.

pip_altThe true nature of time itself may well be some kind of phase shifting of reality.  In this consideration of the nature of time, time is not limited to the two-dimensional model in which we have traditionally thought of it.  The ability of psychics, including remote viewers, to see events in the past or future may be the result of some capability to tune into events going on in a different frequency or dimension.  This would kind of be like using the picture in picture feature on a television.  The psychic is firmly in the current reality while at the same time having a view into the frequency containing the information of interest.  Quite literally, this means that the psychic has perception of a wider range of frequencies than does the typical human.  As suggested by experienced remote viewers, it may further be possible that some part of the psychic’s self actually becomes part of the event being viewed in the other frequency.  There have been instances in which remote viewers have been seen by those being viewed.

I have long held the theory that schizophrenics who see things that others don’t may have some kind of faulty tuning mechanism that causes them to see in an uncontrolled way into different frequency reality bands than that in which they physically reside.  What they are experiencing may actually be very real in some other parallel universe(s).  While a psychic may experience something similar but in an organized way that separates one reality from another, the schizophrenic’s perception is confused with the various realities bleeding into each other.

There has been much talk lately of ascension.  In Christian dogma, this is the Rapture.  They teach an image of flying away off the earth and being carried into Heaven.  That is certainly the idea that I was taught growing up.  I have come to believe over time, though, that the ascension is actually a literal frequency shift.  Lightworkers talk a lot about raising one’s vibration.  While many typically think this merely entails thinking positive thoughts and loving those around them, it may well be that doing these things has an actual physical effect of raising the frequency in which one functions.  If a person raises their frequency this way enough, this could well cause them to move into a different timestream.

newearth3When one group of people actively work to raise their vibration while others around them continue to be mired in low frequency modes such as hate and fear, this could cause a bifurcation of reality such that it splits into two different and separate realities.  The image shows these realities physically splitting and going in their separate directions.  This is merely a conceptual representation.  It is more likely that the two earths will continue to occupy the same space but exist at different vibrations.  Those living in the vibration of love and light will move into one reality with others like themselves while those in the vibration of hate and fear will find themselves in a reality more suitable to them.  Prophets and channels have talked of this very thing.  The Kryon channel has spoken of such concepts, and so has Nostradamus in his sessions with Dolores Cannon.  While many who have been working for the ascension of the planet believe that ultimately we will all ascend together, this may depend on the willingness of all people to do so.  Failing that, then the planet will experience the bifurcation.

mitosisI have a hunch based on experience that when a lightworker type makes close alliance with someone of a lower vibration, the reality that they will experience becomes a confusing mix of the low and the high frequencies similar to the prometaphase stage of mitosis in which there is considerable mixing of the materials that will eventually split into the separate cells.  Such a lightworker has placed themself in that middle area where the actual splitting will occur and is at risk of getting caught up with the lower frequencies when the final splitting has been accomplished.  Perhaps there is purpose in entering such a situation in that the lightworker may be there to help the other raise their vibration so that they, too, may go into the higher earth when the split is accomplished.  But at some point, failing that, it may become necessary for the lightworker to abandon the effort so that they can save themself and go into the higher earth lest the lightworker become stuck on the lower earth after the split is completed.

Think of it this way:  Each television channel exists in a specific range of frequency.  If a television station begins to broadcast a widening frequency, the broadcast will begin to stretch the capabilities of the television receiver to receive that channel as a single station.  If the television receiver keeps its tuning fixed at the midpoint of the broadcast frequency of the channel, it may experience increasing static as it tries to receive the entire band.  At some point, to regain clarity, the tuner must come to recognize the widened band as two different channels, each with its own programming.

The following video is from Freedom Central.  It expresses the struggles that are being experienced as humanity strives to raise its vibration.

aurasI recently went on vacation and managed to study a bit on airplanes and during down time.  I took a few books with me.  Perhaps the one that got my best attention was Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Brennan.  I especially enjoyed the sections on how to see the universal energy field and auras.  I was in an airplane when I read the part about orgone and how to see it in the sky.  I looked out the window and there it was, moving energetically about in a dizzying dance.  I know I’ve seen it before, but I always thought it was something in my tears.  Thinking about it, there was no way anything in my tears could have been moving as fast as what I saw.

I then read about the human aura.  She described the various layers of the aura and their function.  I looked up at the other passengers in the airplane.  Again I found myself able to see.  This time I saw a faint glow around the heads of the other passengers usually about an inch or two wide.  In most cases it was white or faintly blue, but I also noticed a bit of pink around one woman.

I’ve seen auras before, but it was several years ago.  I was making the effort then, having heard of them and being curious.  I looked in a mirror and saw a thin magenta aura around me.  In a bookstore, I saw a woman with a beautiful lemon yellow aura.  And once while driving, I saw a man and a boy walking on the sidewalk.  Around the boy, I saw a brilliant white aura. It startled me because I wasn’t expecting it.  Since that time until reading the book, I hadn’t seen any auras.  Fear must have shut down the ability during that time.  Now I am again seeing the lower layers of the glow.  I’m so thrilled!