I have to keep reminding myself that the primary reason for the actions I am undertaking is to create a safe environment for my spiritual development. EVERYTHING else is secondary.

What I need in my environment is the peace and quiet for reflective meditation.  I need to be able to get up in the “angel hours,” if so prompted, and go meditate.  This morning, that was 4:30am.  I need a place where I can set up an altar with sacred objects.  I need a place where my spiritual activities won’t be disrespected.  I need a situation in which I can pursue my religious inclinations as I wish.  And really, any other considerations are secondary, in spite of how things may appear or whatever else may be happening.

I discovered Veronica Torres and her Eloheim channelings the other day when I listened to an episode of the The Crimson Circle Show with Geoff & Linda.  I took notes.  One thing she said is:

“If your relationships dim your light, you need to reevaluate why you’re in them.”

Well, I’ve been having serious problems of this type for some time now with a primary relationship.  I’ve wanted to get out for some time now, but I felt trapped for economic reasons.  Not only that, but the other-vibrational beings have been telling me since late last year that I need to move on because the environment is not healthy for me.  The TV is always on when the other person is present, which interferes with my ability to rest or read in my room; and the spiritual work I do is disrespected.  But in my stubbornness, I replied to the other-vibrational beings that I wanted to wait until the other person said something first.

That waiting hasn’t been going well.  The situation has just been getting more ridiculous and crazier.  It wasn’t long after the first message from an other-vibrational being that I was told by the other person that I had a snoring problem.  I decided to take that problem into meditation and ask Jesus to help heal it.  The result was not what I expected.  I was told that the snoring was there to create disaffection and help loosen the bonds of the problem relationship.  I told my meditation guru about this.  She told me that it was a common thing for relationships to change when one embarks upon the spiritual path.  Inappropriate things fall away, and other things come in.  I told her about the financial situation.  She assured me that if the ascended masters wanted me to move on, they would also create the provision of support.  I need not worry about the finances.  It would all work out.  But of course I remained concerned, and I remained where I was.  As time has passed, other things have been trying to come in; but having remained in the current situation rather than moving on, things have gotten kind of log-jammed.  The new can’t easily move in because the old is still present.  What is really frustrating about this in this moment is the realization that if I had done something when I was first told to do it, I would be completely free of that situation by now.  As Eloheim would say, “How ridiculous does it have to get?”

So back to Veronica Torres and Eloheim: I explored Veronica’s Eloheim site.  I like the message, and it’s something I very much needed.  For instance, the message about conspiracy theories let me know that I need to rethink my interest in them.  Eloheim said that interest in conspiracy theories was fine so long as they could be viewed with fascination rather than fear.  Also, the interest should not interfere with the activities of one’s purpose.  That made a lot of sense to me.  I figured that I had better break my addiction to the Before It’s News site because a lot of the stuff there was rather fear-inducing.  If I want to keep up with alternative media, there are other good sites for that which are better filtered.

Veronica Torres has written some Eloheim-channeled books.  One of them, The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living, Volume 1, provides 22 tools for moving from fear to fascination.  I’ve already mentioned one of them: “How ridiculous does it have to get?”  Another is “Clarity vs. certainty.”  Basically, this says we can never be absolutely certain of the future, but we can have perfect clarity.  Certainty is elusive, but clarity is real.  When we get stuck on needing certainty, we fail to act when action is needed.  I’ve had clarity around the need to move on for quite some time, but I wanted to be certain that it would be safe to move.  So here I am, stuck, because I insisted on certainty even though I had clarity that something needed to be done.  And we’re back to “How ridiculous does it have to get?”  And finally, it’s just gotten so ridiculous that there really was no choice but to do something.


Some time ago, I attended a PK Party event at Learning Light Foundation presented by Jack Houck.  Actually, I’ve gone to two of these.  My spouse and my son went with me to the second one in November of 2006.

PK stands for psychokinesis, or mind over matter. At these parties, we were bending spoons and forks.

To begin, Jack Houck gave a lecture on what we would be doing. Then a large box of spoons and forks was turned out in the middle of the floor. To be sure, they weren’t particularly substantial utensils, but they were firm enough to be difficult to bend without following the process.

Bent Spoon

We were told to choose a utensil that was willing to bend for us, meaning that we used intuitive sense to choose it. Then we were to hold it by the handle in one hand while we gently rubbed the utensil at the neck. While rubbing the utensil, we were to use intention to send energy into the neck of the utensil. Soon enough, the utensil became soft and easily malleable. In fact, the utensils became so soft in my hands that I was spinning the head of the utensils around the neck like taffy. I mean, it was crazy easy to bend those utensils! It was truly impressive. I have one of these utensils, shown in the photo here, that I keep by my computer monitor to remind me how powerful my mind can be.

I wish I had a video of it; but I’m not even sure that I had a cell phone back then, let alone one that could record video. I did find this video showing someone doing a similar thing.

OK, so it took longer for me to soften up my utensils like that; but once they were softened, it really was that easy to bend them. This is NOT an illusion or stage trick. There is something really happening to make the utensils that malleable.

Meanwhile, at the party, I looked over at my spouse, and he was trying to brute-force his utensil. It was clear that he did not understand how to direct the energy into it. For him, the utensils remained strong. I will admit that it was kind of funny to watch, and I felt rather smug; but most of the people at the party were able to bend their utensils easily enough.

There was one other thing we did at this party that was rather interesting. We sprouted beans. Jack Houck brought in beans that had soaked overnight. We took the beans, held them in our hands, and willed them to sprout. And they actually did!

The ability to bend spoons or sprout beans is far more than a party trick. Playing at such activities helps to build skills that can be applied to healing work such as Reiki, Theta Healing, or Shamanism.

At the end of the party, Jack Houck asked us all to hold up a spoon and see if we could make it bend without otherwise manipulating it. One person in the room actually did manage to get her spoon to fall over. She did not, however, attempt to restore her spoon to its original straight status.

Here is a video of one of Jack Houck’s PK parties.

tv-channelsThe traditional view is that there is only one reality, and the consensus demands that you live in that reality.  When was the last time you were told to “face reality”?  As I learn and experience more, I am coming to believe that reality may well be multidimensional.  The best analogy for what I mean by this would be television.

When you watch television, you can usually see only one channel at a time.  That channel shows its set programming.  Meanwhile, on other channels, there are entirely different programs being shown.  What you perceive as television is entirely dependent on what channels you choose to watch.  In terms of technology, the separation of channels is accomplished by broadcasting each channel in a different frequency range.  Relating this to reality is not such a foreign concept as it might first appear.  It is an established scientific fact that human beings are able to sense within a very small band of the available electromagnetic spectrum.  How are we to know, really, what is going on in other frequency ranges?

Physicists have often toyed with the idea of parallel universes.  One way to accomplish the reality of parallel universes might be the case where each universe exists in a different frequency in much the same way as different television channels exist on different frequencies.  This results in a situation in which many different realities may well exist in the same point in space.  Timestream jumping may be the act of somehow moving from one frequency to another.

pip_altThe true nature of time itself may well be some kind of phase shifting of reality.  In this consideration of the nature of time, time is not limited to the two-dimensional model in which we have traditionally thought of it.  The ability of psychics, including remote viewers, to see events in the past or future may be the result of some capability to tune into events going on in a different frequency or dimension.  This would kind of be like using the picture in picture feature on a television.  The psychic is firmly in the current reality while at the same time having a view into the frequency containing the information of interest.  Quite literally, this means that the psychic has perception of a wider range of frequencies than does the typical human.  As suggested by experienced remote viewers, it may further be possible that some part of the psychic’s self actually becomes part of the event being viewed in the other frequency.  There have been instances in which remote viewers have been seen by those being viewed.

I have long held the theory that schizophrenics who see things that others don’t may have some kind of faulty tuning mechanism that causes them to see in an uncontrolled way into different frequency reality bands than that in which they physically reside.  What they are experiencing may actually be very real in some other parallel universe(s).  While a psychic may experience something similar but in an organized way that separates one reality from another, the schizophrenic’s perception is confused with the various realities bleeding into each other.

There has been much talk lately of ascension.  In Christian dogma, this is the Rapture.  They teach an image of flying away off the earth and being carried into Heaven.  That is certainly the idea that I was taught growing up.  I have come to believe over time, though, that the ascension is actually a literal frequency shift.  Lightworkers talk a lot about raising one’s vibration.  While many typically think this merely entails thinking positive thoughts and loving those around them, it may well be that doing these things has an actual physical effect of raising the frequency in which one functions.  If a person raises their frequency this way enough, this could well cause them to move into a different timestream.

newearth3When one group of people actively work to raise their vibration while others around them continue to be mired in low frequency modes such as hate and fear, this could cause a bifurcation of reality such that it splits into two different and separate realities.  The image shows these realities physically splitting and going in their separate directions.  This is merely a conceptual representation.  It is more likely that the two earths will continue to occupy the same space but exist at different vibrations.  Those living in the vibration of love and light will move into one reality with others like themselves while those in the vibration of hate and fear will find themselves in a reality more suitable to them.  Prophets and channels have talked of this very thing.  The Kryon channel has spoken of such concepts, and so has Nostradamus in his sessions with Dolores Cannon.  While many who have been working for the ascension of the planet believe that ultimately we will all ascend together, this may depend on the willingness of all people to do so.  Failing that, then the planet will experience the bifurcation.

mitosisI have a hunch based on experience that when a lightworker type makes close alliance with someone of a lower vibration, the reality that they will experience becomes a confusing mix of the low and the high frequencies similar to the prometaphase stage of mitosis in which there is considerable mixing of the materials that will eventually split into the separate cells.  Such a lightworker has placed themself in that middle area where the actual splitting will occur and is at risk of getting caught up with the lower frequencies when the final splitting has been accomplished.  Perhaps there is purpose in entering such a situation in that the lightworker may be there to help the other raise their vibration so that they, too, may go into the higher earth when the split is accomplished.  But at some point, failing that, it may become necessary for the lightworker to abandon the effort so that they can save themself and go into the higher earth lest the lightworker become stuck on the lower earth after the split is completed.

Think of it this way:  Each television channel exists in a specific range of frequency.  If a television station begins to broadcast a widening frequency, the broadcast will begin to stretch the capabilities of the television receiver to receive that channel as a single station.  If the television receiver keeps its tuning fixed at the midpoint of the broadcast frequency of the channel, it may experience increasing static as it tries to receive the entire band.  At some point, to regain clarity, the tuner must come to recognize the widened band as two different channels, each with its own programming.

The following video is from Freedom Central.  It expresses the struggles that are being experienced as humanity strives to raise its vibration.


The best news source I have found is Cosmic Vision News.  Geoffrey West, the reporter, scours many sources to pull together what is probably the most accurate report on what is going on out there.  The weekly broadcast includes considerable direct source materials.  The show’s summary includes links to source material.  A really nice aspect of the broadcast is that it relates the events to the process of spiritual awakening around the planet.  Even when reporting what would normally be fearful or stressful events, the reporter suggests a positive message in the event.  Each week’s broadcast is reported on the site’s blog.  You can find these broadcasts scheduled on the InLight Radio channel of BlogTalkRadio.

Remote viewing is a psychic espionage technology that was developed for the U.S. military.  The methodology allows just about anyone to be trained and become effective in this psychic skill.  It is claimed that the skill has been developed to the point that results are far more accurate than those obtained through standard spying techniques at far less cost.  The methods provide access to places, people, and events in the past, present, and future.  I like to use remote viewing as an example of just how valid psychic methods can be.

Remote viewers have discovered for themselves that time is not linear in the way we would think of it.  They have determined, for instance, that the future is mutable.  Looking into the future gives a view of a probable future that may or may not represent the way things actually turn out.  Prior knowledge of future events can allow adjustments to be made that will create a better scenario.

The Russians also had a program of psychic espionage.  In their program, they used natural psychics who had the gift naturally.  There was an instance when a U.S. remote viewer was tasked to investigate the Russian psychic program.  During the remote viewing session, the remote viewer saw the psychic talking to someone else.  And then the psychic looked straight at the remote viewer’s vantage point in a way that made it clear that she sensed the remote viewer there in some way.  When this was reported, the remote viewer was told to immediately disengage.  Moments later, the remote viewer saw the psychic at his own location.  They had been found out.  While it seems that such a discovery is rare when viewing humans, apparently it is typical when extraterrestrials are viewed.  Given this, one must wonder exactly what part of oneself is sent out to the remote viewing target.  Courtney Brown is convinced that when a remote viewer views a target, they become part of the event.

There is a link to transcript of an interview with Courtney Brown by Art Bell originally broadcast on July 19, 1996 here.

Courtney Brown is a civilian practitioner of remote viewing.  He founded the Farsight Institute when he published his first book, Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth.