aurasI recently went on vacation and managed to study a bit on airplanes and during down time.  I took a few books with me.  Perhaps the one that got my best attention was Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Brennan.  I especially enjoyed the sections on how to see the universal energy field and auras.  I was in an airplane when I read the part about orgone and how to see it in the sky.  I looked out the window and there it was, moving energetically about in a dizzying dance.  I know I’ve seen it before, but I always thought it was something in my tears.  Thinking about it, there was no way anything in my tears could have been moving as fast as what I saw.

I then read about the human aura.  She described the various layers of the aura and their function.  I looked up at the other passengers in the airplane.  Again I found myself able to see.  This time I saw a faint glow around the heads of the other passengers usually about an inch or two wide.  In most cases it was white or faintly blue, but I also noticed a bit of pink around one woman.

I’ve seen auras before, but it was several years ago.  I was making the effort then, having heard of them and being curious.  I looked in a mirror and saw a thin magenta aura around me.  In a bookstore, I saw a woman with a beautiful lemon yellow aura.  And once while driving, I saw a man and a boy walking on the sidewalk.  Around the boy, I saw a brilliant white aura. It startled me because I wasn’t expecting it.  Since that time until reading the book, I hadn’t seen any auras.  Fear must have shut down the ability during that time.  Now I am again seeing the lower layers of the glow.  I’m so thrilled!