The Universe is indeed a strange and wonderful place!  I had often read that time is not the constant, linear thing we often think it to be.  Psychics tend to think of the past as a static thing while the future may branch into various possibilities.  But I recently became aware of a situation that makes me wonder if there might be multiple pasts as well.  The situation is a trivial one except that it has shown me the possibility of multiple pasts.

I do work in a variety of settings.  There is one location I recently did a job for that I have a memory of doing a job there once before.  My spouse was with me on this job.  I remember quite a lot about the experience, and my spouse recalls being there as well.  Since my spouse has an eidetic memory, his memories are highly trustworthy.  And yet, now, I can find no record at all of our first visit to this location.

These jobs leave a significant data trail.  There should have been entries in my calendar, job log, and Quicken records.  There should also have been scans of receipts, text files of comments, and (in my more recent records) PDF copies of the submitted report.  Also, the job should have appeared in my history with the company that I did the job for.  Though my spouse and I both distinctly recall doing the first job sometime last year, I can find NONE of the usual data trail items.  It’s as if the job had never occurred.

What this would indicate to me is that possibly we jumped from one timestream to another.  If an event can just disappear like that, it kind of makes me wonder what else has now not happened or what has happened that didn’t happen before.