I had an experience a little over a week ago in which I felt that I was being coerced into a situation I did not want.  The person involved claimed that it was a misunderstanding, but this is more about my reaction to the situation than what actually happened.  As the experience progressed, I felt a change in my energy field.

I struggle sometimes to describe sensations that so many people are not yet aware of in themselves and not attuned to feeling.  A sense of energy is not well developed or even recognized in so many members of humanity at this time.  But I think I have come up with a way to describe it or at least how it was affecting me in that experience.

The way I was feeling that day with respect to energy goes back to what I was taught many years ago about the nature of the aura.  The energy of the aura of a person in their authenticity is smooth and even.  It is like the smooth water of a pond at rest.  When a person lies or is otherwise out of their authenticity, the appearance of the aura becomes rippled or shimmering, kind of like the rippled surface of a pond into which stones are being thrown.  It is the result of a type of dissonance.  That is exactly what I felt that day.  It was dissonance.  I could feel the ripple in my energy field, and it was not pleasant.  It was something akin to a mild full-body joy buzzer.

Several days later, after my anger over the event had calmed down, I was listening to a YouTube video of Peter Slattery interviewing Alfred Lambremont Webre.  Among other things, they discussed the topic of parallel universes, AKA the multiverse.  If you recall, I wrote about my understanding of how that might work in my post, Reality Is Like Television.  I wondered then if perhaps that energy reaction that I had might have been the movement from one parallel universe to another.  I began casting about for an answer to that question.

Then I remembered a book that I had received earlier in the week, Traveling to Parallel Universes by Trish LeSage.  In it, she claims to have shifted from one parallel universe to another over 100 times.  She discusses incidents such as I described in my Timestream Jumping post in the section entitled “Non-existent Records.”  The sensations that I described above are consistent with her description of moving to a parallel universe of lower vibration.

She also verified that parallel universes can overlap at times.  When that happens, objects or beings from the “nearby” universe may appear less solid.  In extreme cases, objects from the two universes may pass through each other.  I believe that I may have witnessed loss of solidity in the past as well.  I attended a class once in which the instructor went into channeling mode.  While she was channeling, she appeared to become transparent.  After the channeling was complete, I asked another student if she had seen that as well, and she had.  I’m so glad to have witnesses to some of this stuff because if I didn’t, I’d swear I was losing my mind!

I must say, it boggles my mind that someone could have shifted realities that many times.  I recall how discombobulating it felt when I became aware of the incident that I reported in the Timestream Jumping post.  Think about it:  If you were to shift from one universe to another, you cannot know for sure any of the history of the universe into which you had just arrived.  Some objects may be different.  Buildings and businesses may be different.  At the very least, there would be little point in arguing with someone about what did or did not happen.  You might very well both be right!  Similarly, attachments to persons or objects might be pointless since you wouldn’t know if you will soon shift into a reality in which the relationship is different or doesn’t exist at all.  When arriving in a new universe, there would be little choice than to just go with it.  Fortunately, there tends to be considerable continuity from one universe to the next when a shift is made, according to Trish.

Some time ago, I watched the video, We Are From the Future posted by Garret John.  He described a concept in which plants harvest light with near perfect efficiency even though this is impossible in classical physics.  The solution is so beautifully described in the video that any description I might give would pale in comparison.

I find it interesting that some of the reality shifts described in Trish’s book are essentially escapes from tragedy of one kind or another, much as when a photon collides as described in the video.  For instance, Trish described how she believed that her house may have burnt down with her in it within a nearby parallel universe.  At the very least, her experience presents an aspect of awakening that is seldom considered.

It is clear that I have found my way into the deep end; but if I am going to swim, if I am going to achieve my greatest potential, at some point I must let go of the side of the pool even if that means letting go of everything and everyone I have ever known.  I need to just go with it.