Dolores Cannon has written quite a few books containing information gleaned from doing past life regressions.  As part of her process, she asked questions of what she called the Subconscious, a being who is capable of answering any questions.  She calls her method Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

This video contains perhaps the best explanation of what is going on with regard to the Mandela Effect events that are being noticed with increasing frequency.  If you want to skip to the explanation of the Mandela Effect, you can go to 47:27.  But the earlier information in the talk is great, too.

Her tips:

  • Know that this world is all an illusion.
  • You want to move and don’t look back.
  • Work on getting rid of your karma.
  • Forgive other people and yourself.
  • Treat people the way you would want to be treated.
  • Let go of fear.
  • Don’t believe everything in the media.

I’ve continued to explore how the Bible might have changed, as I mentioned in my post, Big Changes Afoot.  As a result, I finally got around to signing up for Gaia and watching the Wisdom Teachings series by David Wilcock.  The information he shares in this series includes a great deal of advanced concepts from the science of physics, including parallel realities.  The following is a preview of Episode #26, Parallel Realities.

In the series, David refers to the book, The Council of Seven Lights by George Van Tassel.  I manged to find a copy of this book.  This particular book did not go into the details of time travel, but it did propose a new way of thinking about what time is.  For one, time is not a dimension.  Also, when we talk about Ascension, this is not about dimensions; rather, it is about densities.  This is consistent with the idea that I presented in my post, Reality Is Like Television.  Or, to keep it simpler, we could say that reality is like radio, since many radios are still tuned with a dial.

high-low-frequencyThe reality we experience is determined by the vibrational frequency that we are tuned into.  Vibrational frequency is another way of expressing density.  Higher frequencies are more dense.  In other words, the waves are closer together with higher frequencies  The radio signals are carried on waves whose frequencies correspond to the stations being broadcast.  Turning the tuning dial on a radio increases or decreases the frequency that the radio is picking up, thus allowing the listener to tune into the radio station they choose.

OctahedralUniverseAnother idea that David Wilcock shares is the idea of the “egg carton universe” where the galaxies are aligned along the edges of connected octahedrons.  There are many more than what are depicted in the image.  This particular idea is actually not new to me.  Back in the early 90s, I went to the Griffith Observatory.  One of the displays there is a 3D holographic map of the universe.  This display was behind a window in a small alcove on the main floor in what is now the Ahmanson Hall of Sky Exhibits.  They may have taken this exhibit out, which is unfortunate, because I felt at the time and still do that it was the most important exhibit there.  Anyway, the scan of the sky that was being conducted to create the map was not complete.  Because of that, it was possible to view into slices of the map.  As I looked at it, the arrangement of the stars reminded me of soap bubbles or the walls of biological cells.  That appearance would be consistent with the “egg carton universe” concept.

To get an idea why knowing about things like this matters, I suggest watching this video of one of David Wilcock’s presentations at the 2016 Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree, California.

David Wilcock has a new book coming out in August, The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil.  I am very much looking forward to the release of this book on August 30, 2016.

We may be entering now the future depicted in this video.  Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the universe began as a photon?

We had a rather unusual earthquake here in the wee hours of June 10, 2016.  This is a mainstream report about it.

I felt this earthquake from where I’m at, south of Los Angeles and about 150 miles from the epicenter.  I was sitting at my desk writing a paper when the house began to creak just a bit, and I felt a very minimal rolling motion.

Apparently, this was not the average quake.  Dahboo77 noticed a rather peculiar pattern of the tremors on a quake map.

David Wilcock speculated about what the earthquake REALLY was toward the end of his most recent post.

And, if that isn’t already weird enough, there’s this, which YouTube mysteriously suggested to me:

It has me wondering if there’s a connection between the site of those earthquakes and the Mandela Effect stuff we’ve been experiencing.  The earthquakes occurred AFTER I noticed the Bible changes, but a connection is still possible.

Meanwhile, the changes noticed and being attributed to that most recent Mandela Effect timeline shift are mounting up.  In addition to the Bible changes, people have been noticing differences in logos and brand names, the photos and videos of the JFK assassination, the geography of the planet, and even in family members.  Some people lost family members, as in those people never existed in this timeline.  Others gained family members.  Just search “Mandela Effect” on YouTube, and you’ll find plenty of these stories.  So that last timeline jump was very significant.

Something weird and wacky has happened and may still be happening.  It’s all something that I am struggling to explain to myself.  I’m not sure what it means yet, but people’s Bibles have changed.  The words have changed.  The Bibles don’t have the exact words in them that were in those very same physical books that we have owned for decades.  This includes my own Bible that I have owned since 1970.  The Lord’s Prayer is different.  (Matthew 6:9-13)  The lamb is lying down with a different animal.  (Isaiah 11:6 and again in Isaiah 65:25)  I am a seminary graduate, and I went to church just about every Sunday growing up.  I studied these words rather closely and many times.  How is it possible that my own books on my own shelves have changed?

Perhaps all of this is a fulfillment of Isaiah 65:17, where it says, and I had marked it: “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.”  This would suggest that if we wish to examine a particular anomaly, it is necessary to do so immediately because eventually any memory of it will fade and disappear.  At the time the videos below were made, all known copies of King James Bibles have the “new” wording.  Evidence of the alternate wordings was still being found in some concordances and other documents that referred to the King James Bible; but in time, that may no longer be true.

These videos were the first places I learned of this shift.  I don’t necessarily agree with these people on other points or the causes of the phenomenon.  You can check them out if you wish to, but the tone of them is not where I want to go with them.

So what animal did the lamb lie down with in the other timeline?  It was a lion.  As for the Lord’s Prayer, the verse about debts was previously about trespasses.

I received an email that throws an interesting spin on the matter.  Someone had asked Yahoo! Answers when the Lord’s Prayer had changed.  According to one answer, the wording had changed from debts to trespasses back in the 1960s.  The person answering the question recalled having memorized the prayer already and then being told that they had to change what they had memorized.  The reason for the change was because the IRS had requested it.  This was because they no longer wanted debtors to be allowed to be forgiven.  If this is the case, then the recent change from trespasses to debts would be a correction of that anomaly.  And, of course, we must consider this theory to be exactly that.  This is not an explanation but rather a theory that needs further investigation.  It still boggles my mind that this could have propagated to all extant Bibles already in the personal possession of the population.

Apparently, there has been some controversy before over whether it was a lion or a wolf, as cited in this article.

So how might this have happened, you might ask?  I’ve seen it said multiple times that if one can imagine something, there’s a reality where it actually occurs.  It might be helpful to look at Science Fiction for some answers.  The show Sliders aired from 1995 to 2000.  It portrayed a group of adventurers experimenting with a device that allowed them to explore the multiverse.  Some episodes portrayed a parallel universe resulting from a change in outcome of events.  The plots explored how reality might be different, given those new outcomes.  Now, if we can imagine that there actually are sliders operating in this universe, then it would not be so far-fetched that one of them could go back in time and prevent the Vatican from acting on the request of the IRS, thereby avoiding the change in Bibles that so many of us became familiar with.  A few people might remember that the Bible was different, but many would not be aware at all.

I had a discussion with someone about how this might work.  It was thought that it was necessary to enter into someone whose life one had lived before.  In other words, the process requires the reentering and reliving, in whole or in part, complete with all of the pains and passions, one of one’s own past lives.  Another fictional work describes how this might occur.  The third book in the quintet by Madeleine L’Engle, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, hints at a meditative type method that could allow one to go back in time and have some kind of influence on the outcome of a situation.  For the most part, to minimize extraneous impacts, the one entering into the past life as a slider would simply observe that life until the critical moment arrived to make the required change.

There are a few nonfiction books I know that document experiences with the multiverse.  The first I would like to tell you about is Traveling To Parallel Universes by Trish LaSage.  This book is full of anecdotal stories, including her own, of people’s experiences with timeline jumps.  One case was so extreme that the person discovered she had a different job and a different mate.  For another person, timeline jumps occurred with such extreme frequency that the person could not be sure of their history from one day to the next.  Usually, the new timeline becomes the new normal.  Having myself discovered on at least one occasion that my own history was not what I thought, I now have a more compassionate view when my memory of events differs from someone else’s.  It is actually possible that we are both right.

Another book, Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity by Cynthia Sue Larson, explains a theory of how we might change timelines.  Simply put, we decide for something else.

But to get the best idea of what timelines could possibly be, I recommend Conversations with Nostradamus by Dolores Cannon.  In this book, Nostradamus himself describes to Dolores Cannon via conversation through past life regression how he saw timelines when he scryed them with a magic mirror that had been given to him.  He told how his attention would be drawn to tangles in the timelines to see what might cause them.  He also unravels the mysteries of what those cryptic quatrains of his actually mean.  It is worth noting that when clients undergo past life regressions utilizing Dolores Cannon’s techniques, healing often occurs, possibly in both the current life and in the past life.

In the last week, I found a book that lays out rather well another way one might influence at least one’s future timeline: Dissolve The Problem: by Shifting Physical Reality by Richard Dotts.  This book lays out a three-step process:  acknowledgement of the way things are now, imagining an alternate reality in which the desired thing is true, and staying in the imagination of that reality as long as possible.  The process appears to be Law of Attraction on steroids.

On another interesting note, I felt it necessary to re-read the book by Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time last week.  Now I see why!  The concept of the method is somewhat similar to what was seen in the movie Inception.  I am doing some looking around to see if there might be a connection between timeline jumping and past life regression, but I have not found a clear link yet.

I have another theory about the Bible changes.  This came while listening to an interview by Tom Evans, Talking Temporally with Anne Jirsch.  It starts to get very interesting around minute 40.  The Bible changes could be a signalling device from our descendants in the future.  They want to get our attention because they need us to make changes.  You can find out more about Anne Jirsch here.  She has posted some processes for connecting with our future selves here.

It seems that more and more people are noticing these timeline jumps, as mentioned in the article by Zen Gardener, Boldly Engaging the Ongoing Adventure.  The linked articles within this article are worth reading as well.  I like his take on the phenomenon.  He reminds us that at least some of us asked for this experience when we asked to go into higher dimensions.  He invites us to consider it an adventure to live in the new paradigm of multidimensionality.

d73f9907e3fdc84cdf96bfe791463bc76083b46b_mI have an odd little story that goes way back to the early 1980s.  It is yet another one of those mundane little stories in which something out of the ordinary occurs which to this day defies explanation.

Back then, I had a Volvo 1800E.  It was a rather unusual sports coupe, especially in Utah Valley where I was living at the time.  The area was dominated by a steel factory, and so the local residents had a strong preference for American cars.

Somehow, the tail light lens got broken.  In a futile attempt to save money on a replacement, I decided to look for a replacement at the local junk yards.  I sort of knew this would be a long shot, given the relatively low population of the valley and the rarity of the car, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I had just come out from the office of one of the junk yards.  I had opened the car door and was tossing the broken tail light lens onto the floor of the back seat when I experience some kind of “blip” in consciousness, and then the broken tail light lens was gone.  I looked throughout the car, under it, and I even went back into the junk yard office to ask if I might have left the tail light lens there.  The tail light lens was nowhere to be found.  As I backed out of my parking space, I also looked where I had been to see if I might have missed it when looking under the car.  That tail light lens was never seen again.  That event has ever since then been a source of wonder for me.

Some years later, I attended classes at the Learning Light Foundation.  This facility was also the site for a MUFON group.  Consequently, several of the other students I attended class with also attended the MUFON meetings.  Through them and other reading material, I learned some of the hallmarks of an alien experience, one of which is the type of blip in consciousness that I had experienced that day in Utah while visiting junk yards.

A couple of years ago, I did a past life regression session with someone who had been trained by Dolores Cannon.  In her methodology, after the past lives have been explored, the subconscious [more properly the “superconscious”] is called in.  The hypnotist then asks questions that have been prepared by the client.  I asked about the incident with the tail light lens.

It was confirmed that it was an ET-related event, but I was not allowed to learn any of the details of it.  Apparently, during the course of that event, the tail light lens was misplaced and did not make it back with me to the point of origin of the event.  An apology was given in the session for the missing tail light lens.

Something like this defies proof.  I will never know for sure exactly what happened to the tail light lens—or to me, for that matter—at least not during this lifetime.  For now, information gathered in the regression session will have to suffice as an explanation.

gare-raincy-sans-arretWhen talking about manifesting realities, there’s a story I like to tell that I call “Sans Arrêt.”  It is a true story about a seemingly mundane experience that none the less has Twilight Zone qualities.

My husband and I were traveling in France.  We were taking the TGV from Paris to Rennes so that we could go to Mont St. Michel.  On the departure board, the line for our booking said,

“Paris – Sans Arrêt – Rennes.”

My husband, who knows some French, too, pointed this out and said, “Oh, look!  We’re going to stop in Sans Arrêt!”  I knew that he knew that “sans arrêt” means “non-stop.”

I was already aware of the concept of manifesting.  I turned to him and said, “Don’t say that!  We might actually stop in Sans Arrêt!”  I gave him a brief lecture in being careful with one’s words.

We boarded the train, and wouldn’t you know it, in the middle of the trip, the train stopped out in the middle of nowhere in some field with no station or platform anywhere in sight.  I was thinking, “There is no station here.  This is not a stop.  This really is stopping at Sans Arrêt, if ever such a thing could happen.”

As for why we stopped, it turned out that there had been a fire alongside the tracks, and the train had to stop until it could be put out.

I mention this story to emphasize the need to be scrupulous with one’s word.  In this society, we have a tendency to say careless things that, if they actually came true, would very much NOT be things we would want to happen.  The most extreme of these occur when someone exclaims in frustration that they could kill someone or that something is killing them.  Do they really mean that?  Absolutely not, and yet there it is in their words.

As the vibration of the planet continues to increase, the speed and accuracy of manifestation is also increasing.  For that reason, it is imperative that we not speak or think carelessly.  This includes the way we joke with each other.

“There are no idle thoughts. All thinking produces form at some level.”
A Course in Miracles, T-2.VI.9.

tv-channelsThe traditional view is that there is only one reality, and the consensus demands that you live in that reality.  When was the last time you were told to “face reality”?  As I learn and experience more, I am coming to believe that reality may well be multidimensional.  The best analogy for what I mean by this would be television.

When you watch television, you can usually see only one channel at a time.  That channel shows its set programming.  Meanwhile, on other channels, there are entirely different programs being shown.  What you perceive as television is entirely dependent on what channels you choose to watch.  In terms of technology, the separation of channels is accomplished by broadcasting each channel in a different frequency range.  Relating this to reality is not such a foreign concept as it might first appear.  It is an established scientific fact that human beings are able to sense within a very small band of the available electromagnetic spectrum.  How are we to know, really, what is going on in other frequency ranges?

Physicists have often toyed with the idea of parallel universes.  One way to accomplish the reality of parallel universes might be the case where each universe exists in a different frequency in much the same way as different television channels exist on different frequencies.  This results in a situation in which many different realities may well exist in the same point in space.  Timestream jumping may be the act of somehow moving from one frequency to another.

pip_altThe true nature of time itself may well be some kind of phase shifting of reality.  In this consideration of the nature of time, time is not limited to the two-dimensional model in which we have traditionally thought of it.  The ability of psychics, including remote viewers, to see events in the past or future may be the result of some capability to tune into events going on in a different frequency or dimension.  This would kind of be like using the picture in picture feature on a television.  The psychic is firmly in the current reality while at the same time having a view into the frequency containing the information of interest.  Quite literally, this means that the psychic has perception of a wider range of frequencies than does the typical human.  As suggested by experienced remote viewers, it may further be possible that some part of the psychic’s self actually becomes part of the event being viewed in the other frequency.  There have been instances in which remote viewers have been seen by those being viewed.

I have long held the theory that schizophrenics who see things that others don’t may have some kind of faulty tuning mechanism that causes them to see in an uncontrolled way into different frequency reality bands than that in which they physically reside.  What they are experiencing may actually be very real in some other parallel universe(s).  While a psychic may experience something similar but in an organized way that separates one reality from another, the schizophrenic’s perception is confused with the various realities bleeding into each other.

There has been much talk lately of ascension.  In Christian dogma, this is the Rapture.  They teach an image of flying away off the earth and being carried into Heaven.  That is certainly the idea that I was taught growing up.  I have come to believe over time, though, that the ascension is actually a literal frequency shift.  Lightworkers talk a lot about raising one’s vibration.  While many typically think this merely entails thinking positive thoughts and loving those around them, it may well be that doing these things has an actual physical effect of raising the frequency in which one functions.  If a person raises their frequency this way enough, this could well cause them to move into a different timestream.

newearth3When one group of people actively work to raise their vibration while others around them continue to be mired in low frequency modes such as hate and fear, this could cause a bifurcation of reality such that it splits into two different and separate realities.  The image shows these realities physically splitting and going in their separate directions.  This is merely a conceptual representation.  It is more likely that the two earths will continue to occupy the same space but exist at different vibrations.  Those living in the vibration of love and light will move into one reality with others like themselves while those in the vibration of hate and fear will find themselves in a reality more suitable to them.  Prophets and channels have talked of this very thing.  The Kryon channel has spoken of such concepts, and so has Nostradamus in his sessions with Dolores Cannon.  While many who have been working for the ascension of the planet believe that ultimately we will all ascend together, this may depend on the willingness of all people to do so.  Failing that, then the planet will experience the bifurcation.

mitosisI have a hunch based on experience that when a lightworker type makes close alliance with someone of a lower vibration, the reality that they will experience becomes a confusing mix of the low and the high frequencies similar to the prometaphase stage of mitosis in which there is considerable mixing of the materials that will eventually split into the separate cells.  Such a lightworker has placed themself in that middle area where the actual splitting will occur and is at risk of getting caught up with the lower frequencies when the final splitting has been accomplished.  Perhaps there is purpose in entering such a situation in that the lightworker may be there to help the other raise their vibration so that they, too, may go into the higher earth when the split is accomplished.  But at some point, failing that, it may become necessary for the lightworker to abandon the effort so that they can save themself and go into the higher earth lest the lightworker become stuck on the lower earth after the split is completed.

Think of it this way:  Each television channel exists in a specific range of frequency.  If a television station begins to broadcast a widening frequency, the broadcast will begin to stretch the capabilities of the television receiver to receive that channel as a single station.  If the television receiver keeps its tuning fixed at the midpoint of the broadcast frequency of the channel, it may experience increasing static as it tries to receive the entire band.  At some point, to regain clarity, the tuner must come to recognize the widened band as two different channels, each with its own programming.

The following video is from Freedom Central.  It expresses the struggles that are being experienced as humanity strives to raise its vibration.

Remote viewing is a psychic espionage technology that was developed for the U.S. military.  The methodology allows just about anyone to be trained and become effective in this psychic skill.  It is claimed that the skill has been developed to the point that results are far more accurate than those obtained through standard spying techniques at far less cost.  The methods provide access to places, people, and events in the past, present, and future.  I like to use remote viewing as an example of just how valid psychic methods can be.

Remote viewers have discovered for themselves that time is not linear in the way we would think of it.  They have determined, for instance, that the future is mutable.  Looking into the future gives a view of a probable future that may or may not represent the way things actually turn out.  Prior knowledge of future events can allow adjustments to be made that will create a better scenario.

The Russians also had a program of psychic espionage.  In their program, they used natural psychics who had the gift naturally.  There was an instance when a U.S. remote viewer was tasked to investigate the Russian psychic program.  During the remote viewing session, the remote viewer saw the psychic talking to someone else.  And then the psychic looked straight at the remote viewer’s vantage point in a way that made it clear that she sensed the remote viewer there in some way.  When this was reported, the remote viewer was told to immediately disengage.  Moments later, the remote viewer saw the psychic at his own location.  They had been found out.  While it seems that such a discovery is rare when viewing humans, apparently it is typical when extraterrestrials are viewed.  Given this, one must wonder exactly what part of oneself is sent out to the remote viewing target.  Courtney Brown is convinced that when a remote viewer views a target, they become part of the event.

There is a link to transcript of an interview with Courtney Brown by Art Bell originally broadcast on July 19, 1996 here.

Courtney Brown is a civilian practitioner of remote viewing.  He founded the Farsight Institute when he published his first book, Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth.

The Universe is indeed a strange and wonderful place!  I had often read that time is not the constant, linear thing we often think it to be.  Psychics tend to think of the past as a static thing while the future may branch into various possibilities.  But I recently became aware of a situation that makes me wonder if there might be multiple pasts as well.  The situation is a trivial one except that it has shown me the possibility of multiple pasts.

I do work in a variety of settings.  There is one location I recently did a job for that I have a memory of doing a job there once before.  My spouse was with me on this job.  I remember quite a lot about the experience, and my spouse recalls being there as well.  Since my spouse has an eidetic memory, his memories are highly trustworthy.  And yet, now, I can find no record at all of our first visit to this location.

These jobs leave a significant data trail.  There should have been entries in my calendar, job log, and Quicken records.  There should also have been scans of receipts, text files of comments, and (in my more recent records) PDF copies of the submitted report.  Also, the job should have appeared in my history with the company that I did the job for.  Though my spouse and I both distinctly recall doing the first job sometime last year, I can find NONE of the usual data trail items.  It’s as if the job had never occurred.

What this would indicate to me is that possibly we jumped from one timestream to another.  If an event can just disappear like that, it kind of makes me wonder what else has now not happened or what has happened that didn’t happen before.