I have a couple of times done a process to determine the name of my guardian angel.  The answer was, “Freela.”  Recently, I did a search to see if there was any meaning to it.  Freela, apparently, is a Portuguese word that means “freelancer.”  Somehow, I tried an alternate spelling, “Frila.”  The definition as found on the Urban Dictionary site is as follows:

Diety- The Goddess of Erotic Dance. Worshiped by the avid “Frila’s Witnesses,” with the highest members known as “High Show Whores.” The main beliefs of this religion are hot sex, sisterly love, a good time, and Pokemon. Frila is better than God.

“All praise Frila, Goddess of Erotic Dance and all things beautiful!”
by The Goddess Frila February 26, 2009

Well, isn’t that a kick!