It all began (at least in this recent chapter of my life) with the question, “What is God?”  There’d been rumors that we had been created by some alien race from the planet Nibiru, at least if you believe the Sitchen books.  According to him and ancient Sumerian texts, we were genetically engineered to mine gold for the Anunnaki.  While I can see why the ancients might have called these beings “gods”, are these really worthy of worship?  What is it exactly that we worship when we pray?  Who are we asking for assistance?  I would hope it isn’t extraterrestrials.  The Source of all things in the Universe certainly couldn’t be human or even another being of form in the way we understand them.  And so I set out to answer the question.

Early on in the exploration of the nature of God, I came upon reports of near death experiences (NDEs).  Some of the people who had experienced a NDE reported meeting God.  This God they told about certainly was not any kind of alien of physical form.  So even if the Anunnaki did create our physical form, they would not be the God that we pray to.

In some of the NDE experiences, God was a personage of light that sat on a throne whose face could not be seen.  There seemed to be something rather limiting about such a concept.  It also seemed too much like the gods that had been written about in OAHSPE.  While that book made for interesting reading, something did not seem to be quite right about that, either.

There was another form of God reported in the NDEs: a being of light and love without any particular discernable form, a being that was omnipresent and omniscient.  This one made more sense to me.

And then I remembered that I had once studied A Course In Miracles, and I was drawn back to it.  The problem was that I found it to be somewhat negative the first time around with it, and yet it still felt to me like it was something more important than the Bible.  Somehow, recently, I was lucky enough to find The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary R. Renard.  It helped ACIM to make more sense to me.  Now as I read ACIM, it is a positive message.  According to DU, the key to miracles is forgiveness.  I have included an outline of a thought process for forgiveness on its own page on this site for easy reference.  That is the methodology I will be working with as I work through those things in my life requiring forgiveness.  It isn’t that anything wrong was done; rather, nothing has really happened.

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