Remote viewing is a psychic espionage technology that was developed for the U.S. military.  The methodology allows just about anyone to be trained and become effective in this psychic skill.  It is claimed that the skill has been developed to the point that results are far more accurate than those obtained through standard spying techniques at far less cost.  The methods provide access to places, people, and events in the past, present, and future.  I like to use remote viewing as an example of just how valid psychic methods can be.

Remote viewers have discovered for themselves that time is not linear in the way we would think of it.  They have determined, for instance, that the future is mutable.  Looking into the future gives a view of a probable future that may or may not represent the way things actually turn out.  Prior knowledge of future events can allow adjustments to be made that will create a better scenario.

The Russians also had a program of psychic espionage.  In their program, they used natural psychics who had the gift naturally.  There was an instance when a U.S. remote viewer was tasked to investigate the Russian psychic program.  During the remote viewing session, the remote viewer saw the psychic talking to someone else.  And then the psychic looked straight at the remote viewer’s vantage point in a way that made it clear that she sensed the remote viewer there in some way.  When this was reported, the remote viewer was told to immediately disengage.  Moments later, the remote viewer saw the psychic at his own location.  They had been found out.  While it seems that such a discovery is rare when viewing humans, apparently it is typical when extraterrestrials are viewed.  Given this, one must wonder exactly what part of oneself is sent out to the remote viewing target.  Courtney Brown is convinced that when a remote viewer views a target, they become part of the event.

There is a link to transcript of an interview with Courtney Brown by Art Bell originally broadcast on July 19, 1996 here.

Courtney Brown is a civilian practitioner of remote viewing.  He founded the Farsight Institute when he published his first book, Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth.

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