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  1. Welcome to the Eloheim teachings and tools. When they strike a chord within, it resounds deeply. I was in your similar situation, fought leaving for 20 years, wanted it to come from him first. All I did was get older and more unhappy. Now I live in a new country. I finally left about five weeks ago after so many signs I needed to not be there. I am trying out my dream, doing what I want, when I want, how I want. I am in big uncertainty since there is no income coming in right now, but I am so much more relaxed and for the first time in years, I feel free to be ME. I had to give myself that permission first, as you will have to do. Eloheim asked me several times over the last two years, Who are you waiting for permission from?

    I repeat a phrase to myself a lot, rather incredulously. I am free. And it feels really good.

    So glad you found Veronica and Eloheim. They rock!

    • Thank you for the words of confidence. It seems my path will be similar. And, really, I shouldn’t have to wait for their permission to move on. It is better that I boldly declare my own emancipation.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write this it adds more clarity for me. So we have upgraded to the “new paradigm of multidimensionality.” , interesting.

  3. From my research this change was done when King James had the bible manipulated by Sir Francis Bacon. The KJB is the only bible used in the court system in the U.S. This was done to be used as a vehicle for commerce. If you look past the literal the bible has been manipulated for commerce used to enslaved the people. The U.S. court system is a bank. This is why the Church and the government are really not separate, like all large non profit organization they are controlled by the rules of commerce under the government, which is controlled by big corporations, controlled by the bankers which is controlled by the Vatican. Don`t believe my words do some serious research for your self.

    • That’s an interesting theory and absolutely relevant. Which wording of the Lord’s Prayer would have been associated with Sir Francis Bacon? Would it have been the “trespasses” version or the “debts” version? It would be good to know which version was the original. That does not answer how the Bibles on our own shelves changed since we acquired them, but it does answer how it would be that there was more than one version of the KJV at all. Maybe the clue as to which is more correct is in the Septuagint Bible. I’ve heard that didn’t change for those of us coming from “old Earth”.

      • I’m not sure it’s possible to determine anymore the wording associated with Sir Francis Bacon from evidence. If someone remembers the answer from the reality where the KJV uses “trespasses,” feel free to reply.

  4. This was a great article, I’ll be “chewing” on this for a while and checking out all the links! Thank you for my new adventure!