I have to keep reminding myself that the primary reason for the actions I am undertaking is to create a safe environment for my spiritual development. EVERYTHING else is secondary.

What I need in my environment is the peace and quiet for reflective meditation.  I need to be able to get up in the “angel hours,” if so prompted, and go meditate.  This morning, that was 4:30am.  I need a place where I can set up an altar with sacred objects.  I need a place where my spiritual activities won’t be disrespected.  I need a situation in which I can pursue my religious inclinations as I wish.  And really, any other considerations are secondary, in spite of how things may appear or whatever else may be happening.

I discovered Veronica Torres and her Eloheim channelings the other day when I listened to an episode of the The Crimson Circle Show with Geoff & Linda.  I took notes.  One thing she said is:

“If your relationships dim your light, you need to reevaluate why you’re in them.”

Well, I’ve been having serious problems of this type for some time now with a primary relationship.  I’ve wanted to get out for some time now, but I felt trapped for economic reasons.  Not only that, but the other-vibrational beings have been telling me since late last year that I need to move on because the environment is not healthy for me.  The TV is always on when the other person is present, which interferes with my ability to rest or read in my room; and the spiritual work I do is disrespected.  But in my stubbornness, I replied to the other-vibrational beings that I wanted to wait until the other person said something first.

That waiting hasn’t been going well.  The situation has just been getting more ridiculous and crazier.  It wasn’t long after the first message from an other-vibrational being that I was told by the other person that I had a snoring problem.  I decided to take that problem into meditation and ask Jesus to help heal it.  The result was not what I expected.  I was told that the snoring was there to create disaffection and help loosen the bonds of the problem relationship.  I told my meditation guru about this.  She told me that it was a common thing for relationships to change when one embarks upon the spiritual path.  Inappropriate things fall away, and other things come in.  I told her about the financial situation.  She assured me that if the ascended masters wanted me to move on, they would also create the provision of support.  I need not worry about the finances.  It would all work out.  But of course I remained concerned, and I remained where I was.  As time has passed, other things have been trying to come in; but having remained in the current situation rather than moving on, things have gotten kind of log-jammed.  The new can’t easily move in because the old is still present.  What is really frustrating about this in this moment is the realization that if I had done something when I was first told to do it, I would be completely free of that situation by now.  As Eloheim would say, “How ridiculous does it have to get?”

So back to Veronica Torres and Eloheim: I explored Veronica’s Eloheim site.  I like the message, and it’s something I very much needed.  For instance, the message about conspiracy theories let me know that I need to rethink my interest in them.  Eloheim said that interest in conspiracy theories was fine so long as they could be viewed with fascination rather than fear.  Also, the interest should not interfere with the activities of one’s purpose.  That made a lot of sense to me.  I figured that I had better break my addiction to the Before It’s News site because a lot of the stuff there was rather fear-inducing.  If I want to keep up with alternative media, there are other good sites for that which are better filtered.

Veronica Torres has written some Eloheim-channeled books.  One of them, The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living, Volume 1, provides 22 tools for moving from fear to fascination.  I’ve already mentioned one of them: “How ridiculous does it have to get?”  Another is “Clarity vs. certainty.”  Basically, this says we can never be absolutely certain of the future, but we can have perfect clarity.  Certainty is elusive, but clarity is real.  When we get stuck on needing certainty, we fail to act when action is needed.  I’ve had clarity around the need to move on for quite some time, but I wanted to be certain that it would be safe to move.  So here I am, stuck, because I insisted on certainty even though I had clarity that something needed to be done.  And we’re back to “How ridiculous does it have to get?”  And finally, it’s just gotten so ridiculous that there really was no choice but to do something.


3 thoughts on “A Safe Environment for Spiritual Development

  1. Welcome to the Eloheim teachings and tools. When they strike a chord within, it resounds deeply. I was in your similar situation, fought leaving for 20 years, wanted it to come from him first. All I did was get older and more unhappy. Now I live in a new country. I finally left about five weeks ago after so many signs I needed to not be there. I am trying out my dream, doing what I want, when I want, how I want. I am in big uncertainty since there is no income coming in right now, but I am so much more relaxed and for the first time in years, I feel free to be ME. I had to give myself that permission first, as you will have to do. Eloheim asked me several times over the last two years, Who are you waiting for permission from?

    I repeat a phrase to myself a lot, rather incredulously. I am free. And it feels really good.

    So glad you found Veronica and Eloheim. They rock!

    • Thank you for the words of confidence. It seems my path will be similar. And, really, I shouldn’t have to wait for their permission to move on. It is better that I boldly declare my own emancipation.

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