Hurricane FloydI held this story back for a long time because I did not want it to seem that I was bragging. But now, it seems to me that stories like this are needed. Big changes are needed on this planet right now, and this is a story of doing something big.

I had the experience in 1999 of working with a hurricane in a meditative shamanic way.  While I may have been doing what I was doing all by myself, I was not the only person working on this storm. I do not make any claim to be sole cause of any effects.

It was Hurricane Floyd, and it was heading for Miami at the time this story begins. Not only was the storm packing winds of near Category 5 force, but it was also a tremendously huge storm packing lots of rain.

As this story begins, I was chatting on the computer at the time with someone in Miami. He was telling about how the hurricane was closing in on them there. There was great concern due to the size and strength of this storm. I pulled up the tracking and prediction information for Hurricane Floyd and realized just how dire the situation was. Florida is little more than an oversized sand bar. Most of the state is flat and barely above sea level. Between the high winds, the torrential rain, and the storm-driven waves of the ocean, the potential destruction facing Florida that night was catastrophic.

I had learned in childhood the story of Jesus calming the storm and the sea. (Mark 4:35-41)  I also knew that Jesus had told us that we would be able to do what he had done and even greater.  (John 14:12)  By this time in 1999, I was also taking classes at the Learning Light Foundation and studying A Course In Miracles.  I decided to see what could be done about Hurricane Floyd.

I thought about how I could work on the storm. My faith was not such that I could believe that I could suddenly stop a storm in its tracks.  I figured that it would be best and most believable to me to work with the natural laws.  As I thought about it, it seemed that the most natural thing would be for the storm to slow and turn. That was the strategy that I decided to pursue in my work on the storm.

I went into meditation and called upon the angels to help me with this project.  I looked at the weather maps and imagined a shift in the jet stream that might push Hurricane Floyd away from the coast. I visualized the slowing of the spin of the storm, and I commanded the angels to slow the hurricane and turn it north.  I imagined and visualized in my mind a new path for the hurricane that would keep it from making landfall at its full force. I spent quite some time at this task.  I recall still being there working on the storm by the time that the eye of the hurricane was as far north as Cape Canaveral.

Try as I might, I could not imagine a path in which the hurricane entirely missed the coast, but I was able to imagine a path that would have Hurricane Floyd making landfall well up the coast at a much reduced strength.  This is exactly as it came to be. Hurricane Floyd made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 2 storm, exactly where I visualized that it would. Hurricane Floyd was still a very destructive storm there, but the destruction was much less than it might have been in Florida.

I checked in with other light workers I knew to see if anyone else had been working with the hurricane.  It turned out that I was able to find a few others who had done so.  I told them about my experience of visualizing the path of the hurricane.  They told me that they had been using similar methods with the hurricane and had pretty much the same experience with it as well.  They could not get the hurricane to entirely avoid hitting land, either.  The place where we all imagined it hitting land was where it actually did so.

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