We had a rather unusual earthquake here in the wee hours of June 10, 2016.  This is a mainstream report about it.

I felt this earthquake from where I’m at, south of Los Angeles and about 150 miles from the epicenter.  I was sitting at my desk writing a paper when the house began to creak just a bit, and I felt a very minimal rolling motion.

Apparently, this was not the average quake.  Dahboo77 noticed a rather peculiar pattern of the tremors on a quake map.

David Wilcock speculated about what the earthquake REALLY was toward the end of his most recent post.

And, if that isn’t already weird enough, there’s this, which YouTube mysteriously suggested to me:

It has me wondering if there’s a connection between the site of those earthquakes and the Mandela Effect stuff we’ve been experiencing.  The earthquakes occurred AFTER I noticed the Bible changes, but a connection is still possible.

Meanwhile, the changes noticed and being attributed to that most recent Mandela Effect timeline shift are mounting up.  In addition to the Bible changes, people have been noticing differences in logos and brand names, the photos and videos of the JFK assassination, the geography of the planet, and even in family members.  Some people lost family members, as in those people never existed in this timeline.  Others gained family members.  Just search “Mandela Effect” on YouTube, and you’ll find plenty of these stories.  So that last timeline jump was very significant.

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