I’ve continued to explore how the Bible might have changed, as I mentioned in my post, Big Changes Afoot.  As a result, I finally got around to signing up for Gaia and watching the Wisdom Teachings series by David Wilcock.  The information he shares in this series includes a great deal of advanced concepts from the science of physics, including parallel realities.  The following is a preview of Episode #26, Parallel Realities.

In the series, David refers to the book, The Council of Seven Lights by George Van Tassel.  I manged to find a copy of this book.  This particular book did not go into the details of time travel, but it did propose a new way of thinking about what time is.  For one, time is not a dimension.  Also, when we talk about Ascension, this is not about dimensions; rather, it is about densities.  This is consistent with the idea that I presented in my post, Reality Is Like Television.  Or, to keep it simpler, we could say that reality is like radio, since many radios are still tuned with a dial.

high-low-frequencyThe reality we experience is determined by the vibrational frequency that we are tuned into.  Vibrational frequency is another way of expressing density.  Higher frequencies are more dense.  In other words, the waves are closer together with higher frequencies  The radio signals are carried on waves whose frequencies correspond to the stations being broadcast.  Turning the tuning dial on a radio increases or decreases the frequency that the radio is picking up, thus allowing the listener to tune into the radio station they choose.

OctahedralUniverseAnother idea that David Wilcock shares is the idea of the “egg carton universe” where the galaxies are aligned along the edges of connected octahedrons.  There are many more than what are depicted in the image.  This particular idea is actually not new to me.  Back in the early 90s, I went to the Griffith Observatory.  One of the displays there is a 3D holographic map of the universe.  This display was behind a window in a small alcove on the main floor in what is now the Ahmanson Hall of Sky Exhibits.  They may have taken this exhibit out, which is unfortunate, because I felt at the time and still do that it was the most important exhibit there.  Anyway, the scan of the sky that was being conducted to create the map was not complete.  Because of that, it was possible to view into slices of the map.  As I looked at it, the arrangement of the stars reminded me of soap bubbles or the walls of biological cells.  That appearance would be consistent with the “egg carton universe” concept.

To get an idea why knowing about things like this matters, I suggest watching this video of one of David Wilcock’s presentations at the 2016 Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree, California.

David Wilcock has a new book coming out in August, The Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil.  I am very much looking forward to the release of this book on August 30, 2016.

We may be entering now the future depicted in this video.  Perhaps it is not a coincidence that the universe began as a photon?

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